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Cat. 6A Unshielded Toolless RJ45 Plug makes installation easier

  • 19.07.2019


Due to the rapid development of Smart Industrial, Smart Building and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, more and more devices are directly connected to the IP network and they already have an integrated RJ45 port. For example, there are IP cameras, LED lights, building and industrial automation controls, Wi-Fi access points and etc.

Today, according to the ANSI-TIA568.2-D standard, we have a new link model named Modular Plug Terminated Link. This allows terminating horizontal cables with a plug that is directly plugged into a device.

Supporting these features, Premium Line has developed the Cat. 6A Unshielded Toolless RJ45 Plug specifically for connecting such devices to an unshielded Category 6A network. During its development, we paid a lot of attention to convenience and thought through even insignificant trifles. It does not require special tools and allows connecting almost anywhere.

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